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The Brezovica ski resort area is ideally situated on north and northwest facing slopes of Kosovo's Sharr National Park. The ridge line spans 39,000 hectares of high alpine mountain terrain and forests, with a highly diverse and abundant offering of flora and fauna. Located within 90 minutes of two international airports, the Brezovica Resort area represents one of the last remaining under-developed ski resort areas in Southeast Europe.

The current ski resort area was originally established in 1954 in Shtërpcë/Strpce municipality, just south of the town of Shtërpcë/Strpce. In 1979 the first ski lift was installed at the resort. Although Brezovica has a prestigious past, having served as an alternative site for downhill skiing events of the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games and having hosted a number of International Ski Federation events in the 1980's and 1990's, the current resort has not received meaningful investment for more than two decades. Today, with responsible investment, development, and operation, it offers tremendous potential for value-oriented tourism.

The ridge line's terrain offers an unmatched opportunity in the region for the development of an all year mountain resort. In the winter, snow falls from mid-November through May, with an average of 128 skiable days. Summer eco-tourism opportunities include hiking, mountain biking, golf, and other outdoor recreational activities.

The current ski runs located at the resort area are:

Slope Name Trail length
Base Hill
Top Hill
Vertical Rise
Brevacke Rupe 900 2.099 2.285 186
Bacilo 301 1.729 1.803 74
Munka 454 1.734 1.830 96
Grcka Livada 500 1.772 1.885 113
Karaula 2.600 1.731 2.190 459
Lavlja Vrata 2.500 1.718 2.147 429
Crvena Karpa 3.000 1.891 2.264 373
Velika Livada 2.000 1.718 2.202 484
Pribreg 3.500 1.718 2.522 804


Snowfall data indicate a substantial advantage over other regional ski resorts (click chart to view data for previous 5 years):

Indicative Snowfall Comparision 2011/12

Indicative Snowfall Comparision 2010/11 Small Indicative Snowfall Comparision 2009/10 Small Indicative Snowfall Comparision 2008/09 Small Indicative Snowfall Comparision 2007/08 Small

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