Brezovica Resort has been at the heart of South Eastern Europe’s winter sports offerings since 1954. In its heyday, the resort’s 10 lifts opened up a largely intermediate and advanced ski terrain that offered one of the region’s best ski experiences. Several world-class hotels, private alpine accommodation and resulting infrastructure and businesses allowed for the resort to take on a backup positioning to the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. Downhill speed competitions were held regularly at Brezovica.

Today, the mountain’s spectacular terrain and unusually cool climate allow the resort to maintain its status as perhaps the best natural ski offering in all South Eastern Europe. However, its degraded infrastructure has earned it the reputation as one of the most unreliable properties to ski anywhere.

The Brezovica Resort Development Project seeks to reinvigorate the resort through much-needed foreign direct investment in both primary and secondary infrastructure, tourism assets and public utilities.

An Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee (ISC) has been established to oversee the overall management and supervision of the project. As ISC Chairperson, I intend to fast track the project schedule with the vision of developing the best international mountain resort in South Eastern Europe. I want to assure everybody that the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, through the ISC, is fully committed to taking all necessary steps to bring a top-class strategic investor to develop the resort by the end of this year.

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